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30.80 Crushes Competition (6/24/07)

Blowing away a field of as many as twelve bands,
30.80 marched to a third-place finish in the Brunswick
Old Fashioned Days Garage Band competition, prompting
us to wonder, "Just how bad were those other nine bands?"


30.80 Merchandise Available (3/22/06)

Are you cool enough for 30.80 gear?
There's only one way to tell. Buy a T-shirt.

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30.80 Goes MIDI (3/22/06)

A must-have if you're going to play "The Final Countdown" by Europe.

30.80 Gets New Gear (1/20/06)

Our favorite charitable organization donated a seven piece Ludwig drum kit.
Supa G got hisself a L'Arrivee D-03E acoustic/electric and a Carlo Robelli 12-string acoustic.
You can see some pix on the studio page.

MySpace Music Page Created (12/28/05)

Here you can listen to and download 30.80 tracks

Until recently, 30.80 had "no friends" at MySpace...

30.80 Adds New Instrument To Rock Arsenal (12/10/05)

30.80 In Space

Supa G and Curly Babinga are laughing at you.

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